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Check out this awesome sketch written by Scott in which he pitches ideas for quality shows that will revamp the way we think about television.  

Tyler Perry calls it “Hilarious” with 3 exclamation points. 

But don’t let that influence your opinion of it too much. 

Episode 8!!

Remember all that stuff you cared about 2 weeks ago and then quickly forgot about?

Well take a walk down Memory Lane with Sade & Scott as they discuss what used to be current events.

Things like:

  • Death
  • Flogging 
  • Relationships
  • Toothpaste bombs
  • Who deserves to die
  • Latin music
  • and so much more!!

Episode 8 may or may not be sponsored by (NSFW), The Piven Theatre, and Rick Santorum.

inabasket asked: Whose penis do I have to consume around here to get a new episode of HBDJ?

It’s literally uploading right now. 

But we’d hate to see penis consumption go to waste so lets not take that offer off the table. 

We’re recording today. 

That means its your last chance to give suggestions for intro music 

and its your last chance to give us your dick of the week. 

Do it or else the Civil War was all in vain. 

Hi, I’m the suggestion link. 

Here is a picture that goes with Episode 7. 
Wanderlust Witch Pickles.

Here is a picture that goes with Episode 7. 

Wanderlust Witch Pickles.

Listen to it here!

Hey guys. Thanks for giving a shit about our super inconsistent podcast.

We’d apologize for being late but we’re pretty sure you’re not trying to hear our shit. 

Since it was recorded about 4 weeks ago feel free to get nostalgic and remember a simpler time when gas was 10 cent cheaper and Miley Cyrus didn’t have that tattoo yet. 

Episode 7 includes awesomeness like:

  • Catching Predators
  • Sade isn’t THAT Sade
  • Why DJs are the worst
  • Ridiculous homes of rich people
  • Hummingbird: The gayest of all the animals
  • A mediocre Drew Barrymore impression
  • Blow jobs
  • Sexy Vampires

This episode is sponsored by:

Google Searches, P. Diddy, and Duets. 

(P.S. Shout out to Bre for suggesting our intro song. Remember you can be as dope as her and suggest intro songs and a Dick of the Week anytime you want.)

art-school--drop-out asked: I don't remember which episode it was, but I remember you talking about leather purses shaped like grocery bags, and I didn't believe that was actually a thing, but it is! I saw them on some website, and they're even embossed to look like a grocery bag! They cost like $200! It's ridiculous!

Yes, yes yall!

Most of the things we talk about on HBDJ are from drug induced fantasies but some things are real (e.g. leather grocery bags). 

I guess they are made for the person who wants to “Go Green”  but also spend unnecessary amounts of money in the process (i.e. assholes).

(P.S Thanks for being cool and listening to HBDJ)

Episode 6 Yall!

DISCLAIMER: In Episode 6 of Highbrow Dick Jokes, a combination of lack of sleep and a cocktail of drugs she found at the bottom of her purse causes Sade to accidentally give the okay for non-black people to use the “N” Word. 

Don’t do it yall!

1. Sade will NOT be held responsible for any funeral costs that rack up after a person murders you for using that word. 


2. Its a shitty thing to say. You guys aren’t shit.

Other than permission to be racist, this episode includes:

  • A bunch of curse words
  • Inside Sade’s Grandma
  • Scott makes industry connections
  • Infomercials!!!!
  • Kraft Craft services: WTF is it?
  • Comedy 4 Comedians
  • The secret to the perfect milkshake
  • The Dick of the Week

There is also a pretty smooth transition between questioning the existence of God and a discussion on flaccid penises. 

Remember to play along at home count how many times Scott name drops and how many faint sirens you can hear. 

There’s also a brief cameo by the legendary RYAN!

This episode of HBDJ is sponsored by:

Education Connection and Ryan.

Anonymous asked: So like, you guys sell drugs right?

Who wants to know? Is this Vinny? We told you we’re outta the game now Vinny. You bought us out fair and square and the corner of 15th and Michigan is all yours now. 

(p.s. If this isn’t Vinny meet us behind the Starbucks on 14th and Michigan in 17 minutes. We ONLY take personal checks.)

Scott & Sade are two youths that reside in Chicago, IL and are 'students o' comedy' at The Second City Training Center. They have decided to record their frequent opinionated conversations, thus eliminating any chance to run for public office. Don't tell their moms.