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Episode 5 of Highbrow Dick Jokes

We sincerely apologize for the delay but its worth it.

This episode includes stuff for everyone:

  • Sex
  • Rehab
  • Presidential Sexpot
  • Scott’s rise to stardom 
  • Different shades of comedy
  • Smiles for Megan 
  • Alleged Criminal Activity
  • Stranger Danger
  • Inside Sade’s Grandma
  • Dick of the Week

This week is sponsored by:

The Geoffery Podcast (SFW) (NSFW)

Santorum 2012 (Meh)

and Internet Explorer

Scott & Sade are two youths that reside in Chicago, IL and are 'students o' comedy' at The Second City Training Center. They have decided to record their frequent opinionated conversations, thus eliminating any chance to run for public office. Don't tell their moms.